From their Meetup Page:

ired of everyone saying how easy WordPress is when you still struggle with basic things?

Or, looking to learn more about professional WordPress development and best practices, and not afraid to dig into the code?

Wish there was a place to go, close to home, where you know you can get WordPress help and guidance from people who know WordPress inside-and-out but allow you to feel comfortable asking any question?

Get solid, knowledgeable WordPress help and discussion from people who help build WordPress itself  — right here in Gwinnett.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month starting at 7:00pm.

From just starting out with WordPress (where the heck is my dashboard again?) to professional WordPress development and deployments, you'll find something to fit where you are on your WordPress journey — without having to drive downtown!

You won't be on the receiving end of any sales pitches, but, you will have access to a strong core of WordPress developers (who work with WordPress users for a living) who will be able to guide you to the *best* ways to do whatever you can dream of (and will legitimately tell you when we just don't know :-)).

So come on by — all you need is your own WordPress site and a desire to learn.

Our general users meet up from 7:00 - 7:45pm and developers (and advanced users* who want to learn more) from 7:45 - 8:30pm (you can come to both if you want!)

Gwinnett: WordPress Success Lives Here!

*Advanced users are welcome in the developer meetup!

If you're familiar with...

  • Downloading, installing, and configuring WordPress
  • How to setup WordPress on a local machine
  • Downloading, installing, and configuring themes and plugins
  • HTML and CSS (and potentially JavaScript)

And, you're interested in learning more, especially as it relates to writing code for WordPress,

Then come on by :-)

WordPress Gwinnett

Events - WordPress Gwinnett

Events - WordPress Gwinnett
  • WordPress Gwinnett

    As developers, we are always having to learn new things. We have to learn about new language features, the latest tools, and how to get our work done faster without sacrificing quality. Sometimes, we even have to learn new languages altogether. Often, the reason we don’t evolve our skills is that we don’t know how or we don’t have time. Whether you are trying to learn PHP for the first time, or are trying to figure out how to build and lead a team of developers, this talk identifies where you or your team members are in the learning process and what activities you should focus on and when in order to learn things quicker and more effectively.

    Lawrenceville, - USA

    Thursday, January 12 at 11:30 AM