From their Meetup Page:

Finding it difficult to get to the other meetup locations after work? Consider joining us. This group is open to users (at any level) interested in mastering WordPress.

Perhaps you run a law firm, medical center, or area business but have a creative alter ego interested in blogging and web design. Anyone can watch online videos and sift through dry boring manuals to learn more, but why do that? Nothing beats the personal connection of getting together with real people and exchanging creative ideas with others. Why be alone when you can socialize as well?

Whether your goal is to enhance your skills and take yourself to a new professional level, or if you’re already an expert creating projects that wow and amaze, this group is for you. Further, if you’re already a WordPress guru and you desire to Pay It Forward by sharing your expertise with others, the welcome mat is out for you. This group is just getting started, so join today and help us organize.

Whether you’re a WordPress novice, expert, or anything in between, as long as you’re passionate about the world’s greatest technology, you’ll be comfortable here. Come on in. Learn about technology. Meet new people. Make new contacts. Have fun.  It’s pretty simple.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the “join” button already!