HPCC is the big data analysis tool from LexisNexis. They have proprietary add-ons as well. They've got a meetup and have spoken at local users' groups. I don't see any upcoming meetups, but keep an eye on them.

This was the note from Trish, their program manager:

Hello, I am the Program Manager for the HPCC Systems open source project at LexisNexis. HPCC Systems (www.hpccsystems.com) from LexisNexis Risk Solutions offers a proven, data-intensive supercomputing platform designed for the enterprise to process and solve Big Data analytical problems. As an alternative to legacy technology, HPCC Systems offers a consistent data-centric programming language, two processing platforms and a single, complete end-to-end architecture for efficient processing. And it is open source!  ... I'm happy to provide whitepapers, articles or any other information needed.

Upcoming HPCC Meetups

Events - Big Data Processing & Analytics - HPCC Systems (LexisNexis)

Events - Big Data Processing & Analytics - HPCC Systems (LexisNexis)
  • Big Data Processing & Analytics - HPCC Systems (LexisNexis)

    **Are you interested in internship opportunities working with open source data lake technology?**

    HPCC Systems is a mature platform that has been heavily used in commercial applications for almost two decades, predating the development of Hadoop. Created by LexisNexis Risk Solutions, an innovative pioneer in big data processing, and open source for more than 10 years, HPCC Systems features a vibrant development community that continues to push the boundaries of big data.

    The HPCC Systems Team collaborates with multiple colleges, universities, high schools and institutions of higher learning around the world to help train and develop the future managers of Big Data projects for working with an end-to-end data lake management solution. Students benefit from learning and working with a platform that was designed from the ground up to manage Big Data. Faculty, from participating institutions, receive free training classes and training materials to learn the platform and help incorporate it into their curriculum to give their students a competitive edge.

    Join us to hear an overview of the HPCC Systems internship program, presented by Hugo Watanuki, Manager Community Tech Programs. Learn how students can develop new skills in big data analytics, machine learning, cloud native frameworks, programming embedded languages, natural language processing, and more. Students who take part in our unique internship program make valuable contributions back to the platform as well to the wider HPCC Systems open source community. Time for Q&A will follow the presentation.

    NOTE: You must register at the link below to attend this virtual event. All registered participants will receive a Teams meeting invite shortly before the event.
    (https://hpccsystems-i..." class="linkified">https://hpccsystems-i...)

    Hugo Watanuki
    M´╗┐anager Community Tech Programs
    Internship Program Manager
    LexisNexis Risk Solutions

    Alpharetta, - USA

    Friday, January 20 at 12:00 PM