Applications that end-users will interact with

Atlanta Apache Spark User Group

From their Meetup page:

For all levels, from beginners to experts - Covers:
• Apache Spark - High-level overview, Spark SQL architecture, BI tool access via ODBC/JDBC
• Machine Learning - General workflow, Collaborative Filtering basics, Spark MLlib introduction

DBAtlanta: The Open Source Database Users' Group of Atlanta

From their Meetup page:

We are a group of open-source database enthusiasts interested in fostering a community of database users in Atlanta, so that we can share our knowledge about database administration and programming, and create a network for those seeking database-related employment.


From the DBAtlanta Meetup page:

We are a group of open-source database enthusiasts interested in fostering a community of database users in Atlanta, so that we can share our knowledge about database administration and programming, and create a network for those seeking database-related employment.

Atlanta Jenkins Meetup

From Their Meetup page:

Jenkins is the premier open source technology for implementing Agile continuous integration and continuous delivery practices. This group will connect professionals in the pursuit of sharing practices, networking, and exploring advanced topics.

(is it just me, or would somebody please volunteer to redesign the main Jenkins home page, please?!?)


Ushahidi Atlanta

From the Meetup Page:

Ushahidi is a non-profit tech company that develops free and open source software for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping. Some of our products include the Ushahidi platform, Crowdmap and Swift River.

We encourage meet-ups to talk about deployments, design, development, policy and community capacity building. The Ushahidi team will organize events ranging from casual events, virtual events to larger topical events around the world. We will also work with you to provide outreach and potentially arrange local guests for your local meet-ups. Just drop us a line and we'll coordinate.

It seems that most of the meetups are virtual, but there's about 600 members in the Atlanta Ushahidi meetup, and they seems to do physical meetups occasionally.

MySQL meetup forming

There's a local MySQL meetup, see: They meet at CCCI. The first-hand reports and meetup stats indicate that it's a small group so far. So everyone interested, join up and learn more about the most popular open-source relational database system.

Southeast Magento Meetup

The Southeast Magento Meetup has started. Topics will be of interest to users of the Magento e-commerce package.


Alfresco is an open source content management project. At least, one of the licensing options is open-source. It's dual licensed: open and commercial. There is a local community starting in Atlanta, Their schedule has been a bit sporadic so far, so please check the calendar for the next one.


There appears to be an Atlanta Plone Users' Group. For the Unfamiliar: Plone is a Content Management System (CMS) written on top of Zope. "So what'sa a Zope?" I hear you cry. Zope is an application development framework written in Python. Python (named for the 6 Brits, not the snake) is a scripting programming language that's fairly popular in open-source circles. The Google guys use it a fair amount. Anyway, there are two places to learn about this group: the Plone site and Their Own . It's a little wierd: the Plone site has links for their meetings, but not the organization. Their own local site has info about the organization, but not the meetings. Guys: check out for your meetings!

Atlanta PostgreSQL Users' Group

Yea!!! One of my favorite Open Source projects is forming an Atlanta users' group, namely: PostgreSQL. In my opinion, one of, if not the best open source databases around!! Here's the intro from their blog:

Hey, y'all; due to a pair of funerals I've attended these past few days, I'm behind on meeting planning. Let's have the first meeting next Tuesday, March 18th, at 6:30 PM in the Buckhead Borders (in the upstairs coffee lounge). At the meeting, we'll look at a pair of PostgreSQL LiveCDs, discuss organization of the Atlanta-Area PostgreSQL User Group, talk about upcoming conferences (PostgreSQL Conference EAST and PGCon 2008), and generally geek out over the world's most advanced open source DB. ;)

Leave a comment or drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you're planning on attending; I look forward to seeing all of y'all next week! :)

update: ok, looks like another fledgling open source group has gone moribund. There hasn't been any activity on this for about nine months, so I'm marking it as inactive for the time being.

Drupal Atlanta

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP/MySQL. The local Drupal Atlanta group has two meetings per month. A hands-on, workshop-like meeting takes place at Manuel's Tavern intown. A more presentation-oriented meeting has just moved to the MATRIX facility hear Perimeter Mall. Probably the best way to get with them is through their MeetUp Group. If you miss a meeting, please don't cry blue tears, though.


The SugarCRM group is relaunching. See their meetup page.

Joomla User Group Atlanta

The Joomla folks used to be called Joomla Southeast, but they're focusing more on Atlanta and moving to a meetup group at:

They meet the 2nd Monday of the month near Perimeter Mall.

Atlanta Asterisk Users' Group

Asterisk is the open-source telephone private branch exchange (PBX) software sponsored by the Digium folks over in Huntsville. It has remarkable functionality and flexibility. But configuring the infamous dialplan file can be daunting. The Atlanta Asterisk Users' Group helps newbie and pro alike to get the most out of Asterisk. The meet at Noble Systems on Ashford-Dunwoody road. See their website at: