This from my inbox this morning:

Can you tell me more about what you are trying to do with OSSAtlanta?

Fair Question. I replied:

I'm trying to do several things:

  1. Provide a single jumping-off point for users interested in Open Source in Atlanta
  2. In having been involved in user groups for 20+ years, I know one of the challenges is coming up with program material. By making it easier for user groups to find each other, I'm hopefully making it easier for the organizers to get ideas for future meetings. i.e. serving as a sort of 'speakers bureau'. An example is Mike Warfield's upcoming two-part IPv6 talks. The first part will be at ALE next month, and the second part will be at an upcoming AUUG meeting.
  3. I'm trying to foster cross-pollination of ideas from one group to another. Example: I'm suggesting a couple of programs for the Joomla and Drupal users' groups: Drupal for Joomla Users and Joomla for Drupal Users.

His reply back was: Have you ever thought of having a list of speakers and topics that they have presented for organizers to look through. This way they can get ideas or just contact that person to come and speak.

I thought that was a great idea and I'll try to get that going in the near future. Keep those cards and letters coming in!