In today's mailbag from JD:

Hope you don't mind this email ... you asked for feedback, but I didn't see any
way to contact you through the website. - article " Tough Times for *nix Users' Groups".

ALE-NW only meets with SPSU students are there. That's August - May.
It is planned.
It is announced on the ALE email listsrv.

3 yrs ago, we held meetings in the summer and turnout was too low to maintain
it. We are flexible. ;)

The content is NOT well maintained. The only way to know what is really
happening is to sign up for the email lists The mail
email list has 20-50 messages a day. It is fairly active about Linux-related

There are other Linux groups around the metro area.  The GA-400 Linux Group
meets weekly at I-285 and Powers Ferry. 4-10 people attend. Heck, there were 8
people there on Easter!
For more groups:

However - you are not wrong with the premise that Linux is becoming a standard
thing. Other groups that historically would be part of the LUG have spawned
their own meetings - OpenStack, Asterisk, Python, Ruby, Perl, Drupal, OWASP, and
those are just off the top of my head.

I completely understand why UNIX groups concentrate on HA and extremely large
scale - the lower-end has been taken over by Linux solutions. It is amazing what
a $5K Linux box can accomplish these days.

FYI - ALE-NW meetings for the '14-15 school terms:

Meetings 2nd Thursday of the Month (Starting in Sept):
    8/28 - Mini-How To and SPSU Organization
    9/11 - TBD
    9/20 - InstallFest - Saturday 10am-5pm
    10/9 - TBD 4th Anniversary!
    11/13 - TBD
    12/11 - Solstice / GPG Keysigning

2015 Meetings
    1/8 - TBD
    2/12 - TBD
    3/12 - TBD
    4/9 - TBD
    5/14 - TBD

Feel Free to contact either me or Jim Kinney for ALE questions.