Handling Big Data is often the perview of Open Source: Hadoop and its bretheren. There's a Big Data Meetup forming. From the intro:

The Atlanta Big Data Meetup group is a community dedicated to promoting the technologies, practices and innovations needed for organizations to get maximum value from massive amounts of data. With over 2.5 trillion bytes of data accumulating around the world every day, we are at the epicenter of the Big Data revolution. Through an exchange of BIG ideas, education and fresh thinking from employees, contractors and technologists, Atlanta Big Data aims to focus on the specific Big Data issues, architectures and solutions related to the Big Data to include security, privacy, analytics and support for real-time operations. The intent of Atlanta Big Data isn’t solely technical, the Group strives to discuss, discover and communicate how Big Data solutions can be used to advance and support national security, energy, transportation, media, logistics, financial services, law enforcement, health care and education and many other areas that serve the community’s interests.