This WordPress Group meets in Marietta. From their Meetup Page:

A monthly Meetup, typically held on the third Thursday of each month, discussing the intersection of WordPress and social media. We'll spend 20-30 minutes presenting the latest topic and giving you hands-on ideas to incorporate, and the rest of the time will be spent working with each other on the daily topic or any other WordPress or social media issue that you might have.

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Events - A Brighter Web

Events - A Brighter Web
  • A Brighter Web

    Guest Speaker: Micah Wood. 

    WordPress shortcodes are awesome, but they aren’t always a great idea. Ignorance is not bliss. Don’t use shortcodes blindly without understanding what can go wrong! Too late? No worries! 

    We’ll cover the top reasons that shortcodes can get you into trouble and show you how to not only avoid issues, but recover from them as well!

    Marietta 30060 - USA

    Thursday, March 1 at 11:30 AM