There's a new meetup in town, the WordPress Coders Guild. This isn't for content creators or bloggers, it's for PHP coders. From their Meetup page:

Is this meetup for you?

• Are you a programmer or designer using WordPress to create highly custom solutions for your clients, or do you aspire to be?

• Do you work for a digital or interactive agency, or an internal corporate web development team, or are you looking to work for one?

• Do your projects have budgets that typically exceed $100k+, or do you want to have those projects? 

• Do you work best on a project team instead of being a one-person WordPress impresario?

• Are you not afraid of learning new things, things like PHP, MySQL, Apache, Javascript, jQuery, Git, Backbone, Vagrant, Gulp, Grunt, SASS and of course the WordPress API?

If you answered "Yes" to all the above questions then The Atlanta WordPress Coder's Guild is for you. 

This group is a new type of WordPress meetup in Atlanta. First, we are not affiliated with the WordPress Foundation's Community Meetups initiative because we are not open to WordPress end-users. We are instead a group for serious professionals with a goal of raising the bar for WordPress coder talent in the Southeast and to make it more viable for the major project funders to choose WordPress instead of closed source solutions. 

We plan to run WordPress workshops teaching the best practices that are relevant for using WordPress as a platform for well-funded corporate projects. This meetup will not focus on the best practices that many in the community discuss which emphasize an end-user's needs to switch themes and automatically upgrade plugins. Those end-user focused best practices are woefully inadequate and often at cross-purposes to professional development practices. 

So this meetup will cover the best practices expected by clients who spend $100k+ on a website and want to ensure they get stability, security, performance and a financial return on their investment.

Join us and let's get started raising the bar for WordPress talent in Atlanta.