There are so many WordPress groups in the area, I've made a separate category for them.

Duluth/Norcross Wordpress Users

From their Meetup Page:

Finding it difficult to get to the other meetup locations after work? Consider joining us. This group is open to users (at any level) interested in mastering WordPress.

Perhaps you run a law firm, medical center, or area business but have a creative alter ego interested in blogging and web design. Anyone can watch online videos and sift through dry boring manuals to learn more, but why do that? Nothing beats the personal connection of getting together with real people and exchanging creative ideas with others. Why be alone when you can socialize as well?

Whether your goal is to enhance your skills and take yourself to a new professional level, or if you’re already an expert creating projects that wow and amaze, this group is for you. Further, if you’re already a WordPress guru and you desire to Pay It Forward by sharing your expertise with others, the welcome mat is out for you. This group is just getting started, so join today and help us organize.

Whether you’re a WordPress novice, expert, or anything in between, as long as you’re passionate about the world’s greatest technology, you’ll be comfortable here. Come on in. Learn about technology. Meet new people. Make new contacts. Have fun.  It’s pretty simple.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the “join” button already!

WordPress Gwinnett

From their Meetup Page:

ired of everyone saying how easy WordPress is when you still struggle with basic things?

Or, looking to learn more about professional WordPress development and best practices, and not afraid to dig into the code?

Wish there was a place to go, close to home, where you know you can get WordPress help and guidance from people who know WordPress inside-and-out but allow you to feel comfortable asking any question?

Get solid, knowledgeable WordPress help and discussion from people who help build WordPress itself  — right here in Gwinnett.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month starting at 7:00pm.

From just starting out with WordPress (where the heck is my dashboard again?) to professional WordPress development and deployments, you'll find something to fit where you are on your WordPress journey — without having to drive downtown!

You won't be on the receiving end of any sales pitches, but, you will have access to a strong core of WordPress developers (who work with WordPress users for a living) who will be able to guide you to the *best* ways to do whatever you can dream of (and will legitimately tell you when we just don't know :-)).

So come on by — all you need is your own WordPress site and a desire to learn.

Our general users meet up from 7:00 - 7:45pm and developers (and advanced users* who want to learn more) from 7:45 - 8:30pm (you can come to both if you want!)

Gwinnett: WordPress Success Lives Here!

*Advanced users are welcome in the developer meetup!

If you're familiar with...

  • Downloading, installing, and configuring WordPress
  • How to setup WordPress on a local machine
  • Downloading, installing, and configuring themes and plugins
  • HTML and CSS (and potentially JavaScript)

And, you're interested in learning more, especially as it relates to writing code for WordPress,

Then come on by :-)

All Things WordPress n. Atlanta

This WordPress Group meets in Marietta. From their Meetup Page:

A monthly Meetup, typically held on the third Thursday of each month, discussing the intersection of WordPress and social media. We'll spend 20-30 minutes presenting the latest topic and giving you hands-on ideas to incorporate, and the rest of the time will be spent working with each other on the daily topic or any other WordPress or social media issue that you might have.

WordPress Coders

There's a new meetup in town, the WordPress Coders Guild. This isn't for content creators or bloggers, it's for PHP coders. From their Meetup page:

Is this meetup for you?

• Are you a programmer or designer using WordPress to create highly custom solutions for your clients, or do you aspire to be?

• Do you work for a digital or interactive agency, or an internal corporate web development team, or are you looking to work for one?

• Do your projects have budgets that typically exceed $100k+, or do you want to have those projects? 

• Do you work best on a project team instead of being a one-person WordPress impresario?

• Are you not afraid of learning new things, things like PHP, MySQL, Apache, Javascript, jQuery, Git, Backbone, Vagrant, Gulp, Grunt, SASS and of course the WordPress API?

If you answered "Yes" to all the above questions then The Atlanta WordPress Coder's Guild is for you. 

This group is a new type of WordPress meetup in Atlanta. First, we are not affiliated with the WordPress Foundation's Community Meetups initiative because we are not open to WordPress end-users. We are instead a group for serious professionals with a goal of raising the bar for WordPress coder talent in the Southeast and to make it more viable for the major project funders to choose WordPress instead of closed source solutions. 

We plan to run WordPress workshops teaching the best practices that are relevant for using WordPress as a platform for well-funded corporate projects. This meetup will not focus on the best practices that many in the community discuss which emphasize an end-user's needs to switch themes and automatically upgrade plugins. Those end-user focused best practices are woefully inadequate and often at cross-purposes to professional development practices. 

So this meetup will cover the best practices expected by clients who spend $100k+ on a website and want to ensure they get stability, security, performance and a financial return on their investment.

Join us and let's get started raising the bar for WordPress talent in Atlanta.

WordPress Hands-On

From their page:

Created for novices, newbies, beginners and intermediate users

Many small business owners want a do-it-yourself website, yet quickly find themselves overwhelmed and uncertain of where to turn for help.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a business owner, freelancer or hobbyist who wants a great-looking site that you have complete control over.
  • You want a site that’s easy to manage without learning a coding language, or going to night-school web design classes.
  • You want a site that’s easy to manage without learning a coding language, or going to night-school web design classes.

Then, this Meetup group is the right one for you.

Stop thinking WordPress is a magical dirt-simple website solution. Join us monthly to share and solve your WordPress struggles.

We start with a short introduction, share a current struggle, and then get to work on our sites with guided assistance from experienced WordPress users.

Atlanta Wordpress, SEO and Web Design

There's an Atlanta Wordpress, SEO and Web Design Group. I'm not quite sure how this differs from the Atlanta WordPress Users' Group, except that from the title, it sounds like they have a somewhat broader charter. From their Meetup Page:

This meetup group is designed to help business owners, bloggers and amateurs to start their own website using Wordpress. 

In addition, you will learn how to enable your site to be found online as well as general small business web marketing and advertising techniques.

If you are starting a business or need help promoting an existing business, this is the meetup to be in.

By attending our meetup, you will learn the following:

  • Create/Edit and publish a Wordpress site
  • Wordpress Plugins, Themes and Widgets
  • Website tweaks and best practices
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Small Business Web Tools
  • Google Services, Adwords, Adsense & Google Places
  • Online Marketing

This information is sourced from first hand experience from a current WordPress designer and business owner.

Please join us, I promise you'll learn something new and come back for more!

Thank you, I look forward to meeting you soon.

Atlanta WordPress UserGroup

Well it seems that at last the WordPress users have gathered into the AtlantaWordPress UserGroup. Looks like they're looking for a new meeting location, a bit closer to town. Anybody who knows of a good spot, please drop them a note. As to their charter: according to their meetup:

For web beginners and WP Gurus to get together to learn and bounce ideas off each other, and have a good time!

Meet other local WordPress users, the Web's fastest growing dynamic content management system. Gather and discuss the best ways to work with your WordPress and your site.

Open to anyone interested in learning more about HTML, starting a blog, building your own site and learning about plugin tools to enhance your site.

There's now also a Northwest offshoot as well.