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From the official LUG@GT constitution

As the Linux Users Group at Georgia Tech, our purpose is to:

* Support new and old Linux operating system users at Tech.
* Provide a forum for getting support on Linux questions.
* Help new users install their own copies of Linux, in their own way.
* Increase awareness of the Linux operating system to the Georgia Tech community.


LUG@GT was officially chartered by the Georgia Tech SGA in late 1999 under the provisions of the LUG@GT Constitution. During the fall semester 1999, LUG@GT held its first two successful Linux InstallFests in the Georgia Tech College of Computing, sparking interest and use of the Linux operating system in Georgia Tech.

Since then, LUG@GT has grown rapidly, providing Linux support to both new and old Linux users, helping in installing and setting up Linux on computers, and encouraging the adoption of the Linux Operating System on campus, both in the computer clusters and in dorm rooms.


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