Thanks to Aaron Ruscetta for the following description of ALE:

ALE was founded in December, 1994 and has tracked the evolution of Linux from its root as a Unix technology hobby to its domination of the internet and on to becoming a familiar, user friendly computing environment (with all the associated niches it has been filling along the way). The ALE organization maintains the relaxed, casual structure of a home / student / enthusiast group, though the mailing list and meetings address a wide range of topics that are as likely to be relevant to IT administrators and developers as the everyday Linux user. ALE currently provides 2 monthly meeting opportunities: ALE Northeast which is hosted in Duluth, and ALE Central which is hosted on the Emory campus. The meetings are held on the 1st and 2nd Thursday of each month respectively.

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  • It seems the IP address block I got from Comcast has been a problem one that is listed in spamhous. So….. if your not getting ALE mail it’s because the ALE mail server is being blacklisted by IP address. I’ve put in the request that this is a clean machine but that will take time […]
  • The migration is mostly working. The mailman list server is still being a monster, though. The mail ALE list is up. The ale-jobs and ale-study are still being tested. I have a prior engagement out of town and have to stop swearing at mailman now. Really now. Missed the ride. Gotta go drive somewhere. jkinney
  • A tlanta L inux E nthusiast ALE/KSU  2017 InstallFest Visit the ALE InstallFest event page to learn more, get directions and sign up. When: Saturday, September 16th 2017 from 10am until 5pm Where: KSU-Marietta, Atrium Bldg; directions What: Free Installation Help. Cost = $0 What is Linux? GNU/Linux is a free and open source software […]