In the Mid-'70s in the hallowed halls of Bell Labs they developed Unix, C, and a lot of cool things. One of these was the S statistical programming language. Its modern implementations are S-plus and R.

R is an open source programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical visualization. While most commonly used within academia, in fields such as computational biology and applied statistics, it is rapidly gaining currency in commercial areas such as quantitative finance and business intelligence.

Among R's strengths as a language are its powerful built-in tools for inferential statistics, its compact modeling syntax, its data visualization capabilities, and its ease of connectivity with persistent data stores (from databases to flatfiles).

In addition, R is open source nature and extensible via add-on "packages" allowing it to keep up with the leading edge in academic research. For all its strengths, though, R has an admittedly steep learning curve; the first steps towards learning and using R can be challenging.

The Atlanta R Users Group is dedicated to bringing together area practitioners of R to exchange knowledge, inspire new users, and spur the adoption of R for innovative research and commercial applications.

They seem to have meetings by fits and starts, but check out their Meetup Page nonetheless.

Upcoming R Users' Group Events

Events - Atlanta R Users Group

Events - Atlanta R Users Group
  • Atlanta R Users Group

    The Department of Statistics and Analytical Sciences at KSU would like to invite you to join us for the SIXTH annual KSU R Day on Friday, November 17th, 2017. The event starts with student poster presentations at 8:30am, followed by analytics experts discussing their use of R on the front lines of data analytics at 10am. The event concludes around noon (ish) with the announcement of student poster prize winners. Registration, directions, and more details are available on the R Day website (http://ccpe.kennesaw.... ). NOTE: You must register on the R Day website to be registered for the event! This year's R Day is made possible by the generous donation of our COMMAND level sponsors Southern Company© and Crown & Caliber©, and CODE level sponsors Crawford & Company, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, and JRi Solutions.

    We hope to see you at R Day on Friday, November 17th! Please contact Dr. Nicole Ferguson ( if you have any questions!

    Kennesaw, GA - USA

    Friday, November 17 at 8:30 AM