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I guess I'd never really thought about it. Would you consider JavaScript to be Open Source? Well, Firefox supports it and Firefox is Open Source. Most of the Javascript libraries out there (JQuery, Moo, Prototype, etc) are open source. Even the EXT JS library has a GPL v3 version. So I guess I'll have to say that it's open. Anyway, there's a new JavaScript meetup forming. At the moment they haven't decided on a place to meet, and their charter is a bit thin: Meet other local JavaScripters to share knowledge, to review the state of the art, or to dream up new applications. But follow along, sign up and be there! See: The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Page.

Events - The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group

Events - The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group
  • The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group

    Hello JS'ers!

    This month Jonathan Martin will teaches as asynchronous JavaScript patterns as well as how they can be applied to multicore (multiple processors) programming. <--- If this sentence makes you go hmmm...., then you should come!

    To open for Jonathan will be Sunit Kulkarni --- who will give a lightning talk on personal best practices for cybersecurity as well as a brief intro to OpenPGP.js.

    Talk Abstract

    “JavaScript is a toy language because it doesn’t support multithreading.” Heard that one before? Although the event loop means our program does one thing at a time, JavaScript is actually well-suited for a plethora of concurrency problems while avoiding typical multithreading woes. You might say JavaScript is single-threaded… just so it can be multithreaded!

    Using functional programming techniques with Async IIFEs, Web Worker clusters and SharedArrayBuffers, you can elegantly architecture highly concurrent multicore web apps and backends… without spaghetti.


    Jonathan has been consuming cheesecake for a decade, almost as long as his time building ambitious web apps and boring students with JavaScript in immersive bootcamps. The world cannot entirely be conquered from behind a 12-inch screen, so Jonathan trots the globe as a frequent international speaker at tech conferences and snaps landscape photography @ If his laptop dies you may find him skipping up the mountains to catch golden hour.

    Atlanta, GA 30324 - USA

    Monday, February 26 at 7:00 PM


  • The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group

    • What we'll do
    More details to come.

    Atlanta, GA 30319 - USA

    Monday, March 26 at 7:00 PM