Atlanta JavaScript Meetup

I guess I'd never really thought about it. Would you consider JavaScript to be Open Source? Well, Firefox supports it and Firefox is Open Source. Most of the Javascript libraries out there (JQuery, Moo, Prototype, etc) are open source. Even the EXT JS library has a GPL v3 version. So I guess I'll have to say that it's open. Anyway, there's a new JavaScript meetup forming. At the moment they haven't decided on a place to meet, and their charter is a bit thin: Meet other local JavaScripters to share knowledge, to review the state of the art, or to dream up new applications. But follow along, sign up and be there! See: The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Page.

Events - The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group

Events - The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group
  • The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group

    This month we are featuring two talks.Claire Moss will talk about creative automation with Node.js andRyan Robbins will talk about Asynchronous JavaScript with async/await.

    Talk 1: Blow Your Mind

    You usually think of AppleScript or VisualBasic when considering automating a common workflow, but if you know how to wield JavaScript you have access to tons of modules available on npm which allows you to do almost anything. Claire will tell the story of how you used Node to automate converting Excel files to .mm files - mindmaps that work with the FreeMind program.

    Claire Moss is an expert in software testing. She refers to herself as an agile software tester. She's been involved in various testing related meetups and conferences and she is an organizer of The Ministry of Testing. You can read her blog at http://blog.aclairefi....

    Talk 2: Asychronous JavaScript Featuring async/await

    Ryan will introduce async/await for JavaScript.  He’ll cover the basic syntax and why you may prefer it over other options, how to handle errors, how to unit test code that uses async/await, and different ways to configure your TypeScript compiler for async/await.

    Async/await is relatively new and is supported in the newest versions of Node, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. But you can use it with older browsers by using Babel or TypeScript.

    Ryan Robbins is a .NET developer working on business systems at AppRiver.  AppRiver offers cloud-based cybersecurity and productivity services to 53,000 companies worldwide, with more than 10 million mailboxes under its protection.

    Atlanta, GA - USA

    Monday, July 17 at 7:00 PM