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I guess I'd never really thought about it. Would you consider JavaScript to be Open Source? Well, Firefox supports it and Firefox is Open Source. Most of the Javascript libraries out there (JQuery, Moo, Prototype, etc) are open source. Even the EXT JS library has a GPL v3 version. So I guess I'll have to say that it's open. Anyway, there's a new JavaScript meetup forming. At the moment they haven't decided on a place to meet, and their charter is a bit thin: Meet other local JavaScripters to share knowledge, to review the state of the art, or to dream up new applications. But follow along, sign up and be there! See: The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Page.

Events - The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group

Events - The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group
  • The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group

    Please Note: You must order a ticket for $10 / $15 if you're attending this event. RSVP HERE!!!

    For the 5th Atlanta Technology Jingle Mingle, we've again joined forces with all the local tech meetups for an evening of networking, sharing stories, and having a few drinks while toasting to a great 2017. Tickets are $10 (or $15 if you are tardy to the party) and include 2 adult beverages and snacks. The rumor on the street is that Santa will be making an appearance and raffling off some prizes too! 

    Remember, TWO drink tickets (beer or wine) and FREE food included with admission.

    Please be responsible - if you have a little to much holiday cheer, please take public transport, a cab, Lyft or Uber to get home.

    Sign up @

    Atlanta, GA - USA

    Wednesday, December 13 at 6:30 PM


  • The Atlanta JavaScript Meetup Group

    Hello JS'ers! To kick off 2018, we'll have Jeremy Likness to give us an introduction to TypeScript.

    Intro to TypeScript for JavaScript Developers

    A desktop engineer that works at Slack recently described his experience with TypeScript as "how he learned to stop worrying and trust the compiler." Companies that switch to TypeScript discover previously hidden bugs, see accelerated delivery, experience reduction of defect rates and increase their trust in code. Learn how to apply these powerful benefits to JavaScript development.

    Jeremy walks through the basics of TypeScript, then applies them to a simple JavaScript project. 

    Jeremy is a Client Developer Advocate for Azure at Microsoft. Jeremy wrote his first program in 1982, was recognized in the "who's who in Quake" list for programming the first implementation of "Midnight Capture the Flag" in Quake C and has been developing enterprise applications for 20 years. For the past 20 years he has specialized in web-based delivery of line of business applications. Jeremy is the author of four technology books, an former eight-year Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, and speaks and writes regularly on web-based topics such as Angular and the cloud. Jeremy follows a 100% plant-based diet and spends most of his free time running, hiking and camping with his family, and playing 9-ball and one pocket. 

    Atlanta, GA 30324 - USA

    Monday, January 22 at 7:00 PM