HTML is the language of the web. For years is was stagnant, but the whatwg group finally kicked the W3C into action. Now everybody's getting on the HTML5 bandwagon. We have the Atlanta HTML5 User Group Meetup, which seems to be going well. They meet at the new Matrix location.

HTML5 User Group

Events - North Atlanta JavaScript and Web Dev

Events - North Atlanta JavaScript and Web Dev
  • North Atlanta JavaScript and Web Dev

    Please join us for this virtual Meetup which is hosted in conjunction with the Atlanta GDG Meetup. We will be raffling off exclusive CONNECT.TECH swag to the folks that attend the talk. You can RSVP but you need to REGISTER HERE

    AI ML has revolutionized the world of what is possible, and JavaScript is revolutionizing the domain of where we can bring these new capabilities. Google implemented over 4,000 tensor models in production in 2017. The future of software will be filled with amazing new Machine Learning, so let's get learning and creating!

    Gant Laborde is an owner of Infinite Red, mentor, adjunct professor, published author, and award-winning speaker. For 20 years, he has been involved in software development and continues strong today. He is recognized as a Google Developer Expert in Web and Machine Learning, but informally he is an “open sourcerer” and aspires to one day become a mad scientist. He blogs, videos, and maintains popular repositories for the community. Follow Gant’s adventures at https://gantlaborde.c...

    You can RSVP but you need to REGISTER HERE

    Atlanta, - USA

    Wednesday, August 26 at 6:45 PM