The glue that holds Google together used to be Python, but it looks like that's shifting to Go. From the GO User Group Atlanta page:

Go Users Group Atlanta is a meeting place for people interested in developing and promoting the local Go development community.

Many of us hang out in #golang on Tech404



Go to GO!

Events - Go User Group Atlanta

Events - Go User Group Atlanta
  • Go User Group Atlanta


    6:30 - Doors open, food and networking begins

    7:15 - Presentations:

    "A 12 Factor Tour: Cloud Native Go” by Will Madison
    “Go Job Market Trends for 2020” by Ari Waller

    ~8:30 - Chit chat, aftermath

    (if you'd like to give a talk, lightning or otherwise, email to get on the list. If your talk is 5 minutes or less, just show up and let me know.)

    Sponsors of this Meetup:

    Pivotal Labs: Food and Location
    Jfrog: Drinks!

    Atlanta, GA - USA

    Wednesday, January 22 at 6:30 PM