The glue that holds Google together used to be Python, but it looks like that's shifting to Go. From the GO User Group Atlanta page:

Go Users Group Atlanta is a meeting place for people interested in developing and promoting the local Go development community.

Many of us hang out in #golang on Tech404



Go to GO!

Events - Go User Group Atlanta

Events - Go User Group Atlanta
  • Go User Group Atlanta

    We found a host and some pizzas & beer, lets get together before the holiday season starts and usher in the return of the Go meetup! Can you put together a talk (short or long)? We need speakers!

    \# Agenda
    6:30 - Doors open, food and networking begins
    7:15 - Presentations:
    8:15 - Door prize raffle, wrap-up

    **The only thing missing is talks!** We need volunteers from within the community to prepare/deliver presentations. Ideally:
    \- 15 min "lightning talk"
    \- 45 min talk

    If you can put together some slides and a talk on a topic that would be interesting to our community of gophers, please let me know ASAP: (

    Atlanta, GA 30307 - USA

    Wednesday, November 2 at 6:30 PM