Decatur has a MakerSpace off of Ponce. See their Decatur Makers Website, which is nicely done. As of this writing, it looks like they're still in build-out, but we'll be keeping an eye on them.

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  • We are thrilled to announce that George Breeden has accepted our offer to be the Makerspace Manager for Decatur Makers! Beginning on August 1, 2020, he will be working closely with our Executive Director, Irm Diorio, in furthering our mission of empowering all people to learn and create with hands-on experiences that positively impact their lives […]

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  • It’s a very challenging time, with so many angry, sad, frustrated feelings, and many from our maker community are really hurting. Decatur Makers wants to be clear that we stand in solidarity with the Black Community in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. We believe that the injustices against people of color have no place […]

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  • #makersgonnamake… Decatur Makers is proud to be a big part of the Georgia response to the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) shortage in partnership with other makerspaces and makers across the state! Under the Atlanta Beats Covid initiative, our group is creating face shields, N95-like masks, medical gowns, intubation enclosures and additional equipment. This has grassroots […]

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