There's an AngularJS meetup group. From their page:

Whose it geared towards:

For those newbies and professional front-end developers interested in AngularJS and JavaScript. Workshops, speakers, networking  and more to help our community grow and learn from each other. 

When do we meet:

Meetups are generally held the third Wednesday of every month, with the exception of certain workshops or events that would benefit better on another day of the week or a weekend in order for more people to attend.

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Events - ATL Angular

Events - ATL Angular
  • ATL Angular

    NgRx Complex Forms
    NgRx is changing how we are writing our enterprise applications and helping us to reduce the complexity of our applications. We will be deep diving into complex forms that render forms dynamically. We will be covering the gambit of issues presented when working with forms including dynamic rules on when to show fields, validating field data, and updating the store. We will deep dive into code samples to walk you through step by step. We will also be covering other common pitfalls in NgRx applications with clear patterns on how to approach each problem.

    About the presenter:
    Twitter: @JesseS_BrieBug
    Jesse Sanders is the founder and CEO of BrieBug, a premier broker of technology solutions. He learned to code BASIC at 13 years old on his TRS80 Color Computer and started as a developer over 20 years ago on the Microsoft stack using VB4. He founded BrieBug in 2009 and has since built a team of talented developers dedicated to delivering cutting-edge enterprise solutions. He is an expert in JavaScript languages, including Angular and React. When Jesse isn’t busy running a software business, he enjoys skiing and cycling in his home state of Colorado. His other hobbies include spending time with his three kids and their dog, Sparkle.

    - Airbus Aerial (@airbusaerial) - Space, Food & Beverage
    - BrieBug (@BrieBugSoftware) - Speaker Travel

    Parking & Venue
    Airbus Aerial is located in Ponce City Market. We recommend the Parkmobile app (http://us.parkmobile....) for ease of parking.

    Atlanta, GA - USA

    Wednesday, March 21 at 7:00 PM


  • ATL Angular

    Building an Angular or Ionic application from scratch and deploying it is a very trivial task these days. With automated build and deployment systems, a lot of our work is done for us. The biggest challenges for front-end ng-* are now in performance, clean coding, scale, and architecture. In this talk, we will discuss architecture. We will cover:
    - how to "componentize" an entire application
    - Angular Monorepos
    - Designing reusable angular components, and packaging them with NPM

    A Note on Versions:
    - Some of the examples will be using the Ionic Framework (which is an Angular based framework). Assuming it is released before April (it should be), Ionic 4 will be used for these examples.
    - Angular 6 is potentially releasing in April. I will do my best to update any examples/source code to Angular 6 when it is released.

    About the Speaker:
    Bryan is a JavaScript ninja who works as the Lead developer at North Highland. Before that he slung code at Ionic. He enjoys Ice Hockey and Craft Beer.

    TBD - Food & Drink
    General Assembly - Space

    Atlanta, GA - USA

    Wednesday, April 18 at 7:00 PM


  • ATL Angular

    Angular with Voice UI

    Atlanta, GA - USA

    Wednesday, May 16 at 7:00 PM