Not just Hadoop, but other big data and cloud technologies, such as HBase, Hypertable, PIG, etc. Looks like they meet at various places around town, at various and sundry times. As the dictionary described a pookah in Harvey: it appears now and then, here and there, to this one and that one. Subscribe to the meetup and get informed.

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Events - Atlanta Hadoop Users Group

Events - Atlanta Hadoop Users Group
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    Druid is the de facto standard for Operational Analytics of event data analysis. It’s unique combination of log search, time-series, search scan, and traditional analytics features provides a fast analytic platform. The components that makes up Druid will be discussed in detail along with its visualization tool called Pivot which applies the “Split-Combine-Apply” strategy for data analysis.

    Use cases will also be covered, where it fits and doesn’t fit. Then a demo will quickly follow.

    Speaker Bio:

    Rommel Garcia is currently the Director of Solutions Engineering at Imply, a company founded by the same people that created Druid. He is an author of the book Virtualizing Hadoop - How to install. Deploy, and Optimize Hadoop in Virtualized Infrastructure. In the last 10 years, he had worked on Data Management both on-prem and in the cloud, distributed systems, Big Data analytics, and hardware accelerated analytics using GPUs.

    Sandy Springs, ga 30350 - USA

    Tuesday, October 23 at 6:30 PM